Thanks for stopping by! Michael here, and you are on my personal page. If you were looking for my business, here is my franchise sales, consulting, & funding company Franchise Beacon.

I hate filling these things out

I think that’s how profiles are supposed to start, right?

I actually don’t, to be honest. I am a serial entrepreneur, franchisor, scuba diver, traveler, website coder, and other random things, and I am enthusiastic about every single one. Writing is my passion, one of my core strengths, and something that I do often. In fact, you can check out my book here, a complete guide to franchise sales here, and a fairly long-winded Quora answer to “how do millionaires justify themselves?” here.

Franchising is my specialty. I am endlessly fascinated by this industry! Did you know In 2018, franchising accounted for 13.2 million jobs, $1.7 trillion in economic output 5.8 percent of GDP? Franchising impacts our economy in so many ways, and I have had the pleasure of helping establish several franchisors and place help hundreds of franchisees join the ranks.

So there ya go

I bought this URL years ago, and always figured I’d should put a page here. So now I did.
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